Definition of applicational in US English:



  • See application

    • ‘Because of the ratio idea of equivalence and the diversity of applicational situations, a particular quantity may be referred to using a number of different terms.’
    • ‘The applicational thoughts are not vague, simplistic, or haphazard; they address contemporary readers with profound insights drawn from his exacting study of the probable historical milieu of this gospel.’
    • ‘Although the interpretive and applicational weaknesses of the piece are quite troubling, it is the author's suggestions for implementation that are the greatest cause for concern.’
    • ‘The present invention will also be explained by referring to an applicational example wherein the ceramic composition of the present invention was applied to a magnetic head.’
    • ‘These headings are primarily applicational in nature, expressing principles from the passage in terms which speak to modern Christians rather than merely describing an ancient situation.’