Definition of appletini in US English:



  • A cocktail consisting of vodka mixed with apple juice, apple liqueur, or cider.

    ‘in the absence of margaritas the drink of choice was appletinis’
    • ‘The explosion of the Cosmopolitan and Appletini are two examples of how flavored Martinis have become the pre-dinner cocktail of choice.’
    • ‘Cocktails are great, I highly recommend the Appletini.’
    • ‘The restaurant offers four martinis - Classic, Appletini, Cosmopolitan and Chocolate Martini - for $3 per drink.’
    • ‘It's cheaper than an appletini or whatever you kids are swilling these days.’
    • ‘While such drinks as the Sour Appletini have been getting lots of press lately, it seems the tried and true classics still lead the pack in popularity, at least according to the latest survey of bar managers and bartenders.’


1990s: blend of apple and martini.