Definition of apple knocker in US English:

apple knocker


  • 1A person who picks or sells apples.

    • ‘It has only been 300 years since Issac Newton discovered that an apple, if it becomes detached from the tree, falls to the ground, though we may reasonably suppose that generations of apple-knockers had known this all along.’
    • ‘He hopped freight trains out West and worked in the orchards of Washington state as an ‘apple knocker’, dug potatoes in the Oregon's Clamitt Valley, picked peaches and harvested vegetable crops in the Willamette Valley, and then moved down into California's central valley working the rice, cotton, and olive harvests.’
    • ‘I said, ‘I'm just an apple knocker from Arkansas.’’
    1. 1.1 A baseball player, specifically a batter.
      • ‘Ted took the ten warm-up pitches which are allowed and then faced the next apple knocker for the opposition as he stood pawing the dirt at home plate.’
      • ‘Nine times out of ten he would have got out that big apple knocker (meaning Potter, whose single tied the score).’
    2. 1.2derogatory An ignorant or unsophisticated person.
      • ‘The crowd was rednecks—I mean real apple-knockers.’
      • ‘Locals mocked McAdoo's followers as ‘apple knockers’ and mimicked their drawls.’
      • ‘The apple-knockers have been transgressing all bounds of decency by looting national wealth.’