Definition of apple green in English:

apple green


  • A bright yellowish green.

    • ‘Natural shades of green, such as apple green, or olive green, are often used to add a serene look.’
    • ‘She can always be relied upon for good use of pastels, and purple, turquoise and apple green all made eye-catching appearances in her collection.’
    • ‘And luxuriant foliage is no longer just apple green but ranges from purplish blue to green splashed with white.’
    • ‘He told the Queen that he was confident it was lime green, while his partner was sure it was apple green.’
    • ‘The 16 colours were easily distinguishable and included black, grey, brown, tan, beige, maroon, red, bright pink, pale pink, dark orange, light orange, yellow, forest green, apple green, navy blue, and aqua.’
    • ‘We contemplated lots of different colors before settling on some sort of lime green or apple green.’
    • ‘My scutmonkey or cap arrived in the mail yesterday, and pleasantly surprised me by not being yellow as depicted in the retail picture, but a lovely shade of apple green.’
    • ‘There wasn't much of a co-ordination, just the general colour apple green running throughout.’
    • ‘When shopping, go for hot colors such as pink, aqua blue, yellow, apple green, and lavender.’
    • ‘The colour palette here, again, is pure Tocca: bright, vibrant violet, apple green, lollipop pink, seductive browns, lazuli blue and light creams.’
    • ‘The study is a long but narrow room decorated in apple green, while the other two bedrooms are also very sizeable.’
    • ‘Choose different tones of the same color - lime green, forest green, and apple green, for instance - and use them throughout the garden.’
    • ‘The colour I am dreaming off at the moment is a pretty apple green.’
    • ‘Other colors are powder blue and pink, amber and apple green, a palette dedicated to the delicate tints of wildflowers; even when there are darker tones, the mood seems triumphant.’
    • ‘The festive container shown above pairs flowering maple in yellow (Abutilon hybridum ‘Luteus’) with coleus in shades of ruby red, deep burgundy, lime, apple green, and cream.’
    • ‘I originally chose lime green, as a fourteen year old does, but Tim had talked me out of that and now it was a soft apple green.’
    • ‘Planes of colors - apple green, yellow, purple, tomato red, and deep blue - further define the boundaries of the various spaces.’
    • ‘Similarly, in 1995, many firms in the Australian clothing industry gambled on a season of clothing in shades of apple green, which consumers never adopted.’
    • ‘Together, the plants give the garden a lush look that comes mainly from foliage in shades of apple green, lime green, and bronze (with a subtle spritz of flower color), while providing a sense of enclosure and privacy.’
    • ‘This month at nurseries, you can choose from hundreds of shrubs, grasses, and perennials with leaves in burnished colors, and plants whose foliage comes in luscious shades of apple green, lime green, or yellow green.’


apple green

/ˈapəl ɡrēn/