Definition of apple-head doll in English:

apple-head doll

(also apple doll)


  • In American folk art, a doll whose head has been fashioned from a dried peeled apple.

    • ‘Nana was his grandmother, a rotund and wrinkled crone who reminded Mary Ann of the dried apple dolls sold at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.’
    • ‘We also played with our little dolls that we made out of clothes pegs and corn husks and we had apple-head dolls.’
    • ‘There aren't many other ethnic people on my paper route besides Mrs. Guutweister. She's a German lady who makes apple head dolls.’
    • ‘The two-week break typically allows the apples time to dry and shrink so when we return, they are ready to be used as the heads for apple dolls.’
    • ‘We made apple dolls more than once in elementary school (those good old-fashioned New England curriculums).’
    • ‘He has a face as brown and wrinkled as an apple doll and is fond of showing visitors pictures of himself with his famous former employer.’