Definition of apple-cheeked in US English:



  • (of a person) having round rosy cheeks.

    • ‘An examination of the logo shows that the white-haired apple-cheeked aproned cook one seems to recall from yesteryear has now metamorphised into a cook more representative of the current demographic breakdown of the country.’
    • ‘These apple-cheeked boys exist in a fantasy world, where Aryan ideals of physical perfection meet up with homoerotic desire.’
    • ‘The apple-cheeked jubilance and teenage-diary earnestness is enough to make you blush.’
    • ‘But no matter how loving the apple-cheeked boy acts towards her, there's no getting around the fact that he's not like other kids.’
    • ‘It is these same apple-cheeked young who decide the future of this town, on this issue and many more moral ones to come.’
    • ‘The apple-cheeked lady with the upswept hairdo caught many an eye at the recently concluded second Asian film festival in Mumbai.’
    • ‘Its regular conflagrations of sycamore and beech provide for lots of satisfying crunching about, getting you apple-cheeked and just chilly enough to appreciate going indoors - and what a welcome awaits.’
    • ‘One popular genre, the story of college life, focuses too exclusively on the young, whether it be the apple-cheeked football hero or the snarky slouch.’
    • ‘The tradition of the picturesque dates back to paintings and depictions from centuries earlier, which portrayed peasants and farmers as happy, apple-cheeked characters working in harmony with the land.’
    • ‘The second, the marvelously round apple-cheeked woman, was the cook, the housekeeper, the domestic Hestia, goddess of the Hearth.’
    • ‘The main attraction is just plain old proverbial eye candy in the form of glossy-lipped, apple-cheeked, exfoliated pretty boy punims peeking out from perfectly pomaded locks.’
    • ‘The main British story when I first arrived in the States was the food crisis, the line being that Americans visiting Blighty risked being killed stone dead by noxious odours, or drowned in the tears of apple-cheeked farmers' wives.’
    • ‘He was married to Judy, an apple-cheeked gardener in a straw hat who used to produce awful movies right alongside us.’
    • ‘Money, fame and an apple-cheeked freshness were being taken down by the seething underclasses.’
    • ‘The curvy, apple-cheeked siren is more than happy to let a new generation of carnivorous Chinese reporters get their nibbles.’
    • ‘Her keen blue eyes were regarding them with a friendly expression, giving contrast against her apple-cheeked face.’
    • ‘An apple-cheeked beauty is belting out tunes in French and occasionally dinging a triangle.’
    • ‘When apple-cheeked Catholic youth go off to their Catholic schools so they can burn incense and chant to discover their Native American animal spirit guides.’
    • ‘Perched on her grandma's shoulders, an apple-cheeked 5-year-old flashes a peace sign.’