Definition of appetitiveness in US English:



  • See appetitive

    • ‘I meant every word of it; the only simile I could find for the appetitiveness and promiscuity of the mind in the presence of whatever would carry it off to a new place was a sexual one.’
    • ‘Rather, we notice an increasing appetitiveness in our people, an increased willingness to pursue power, pleasure, and personal appetite without constraint or shame.’
    • ‘Does the body drive human appetitiveness, or do ‘higher’ values, like reason, commerce, and familial love?’
    • ‘This too is a bizarre exercise in appetitiveness and lip-smacking, but it at least draws attention to the issue.’
    • ‘My main point was that the boys could well learn to suffer a little tedium and appetitiveness when someone was out working on their behalf - or simply when anyone important to them was expected.’