Definition of appearance money in English:

appearance money


  • Money paid to secure the appearance of a celebrity, typically a sports figure, at a particular event.

    • ‘Until the players themselves decide to ban these insidious practices, appearance money will flourish.’
    • ‘The win was worth something in the region of $2.5 million for the American - $400000 for the title and around two million dollars in reported appearance money.’
    • ‘Doubtless, part of the unrest is their brethren across the water, but to ask for appearance money from those who employ them in the first place, is akin to me demanding special payments to attend different venues.’
    • ‘The basic wage is £150 per week, no appearance money, but with performance-related bonuses of between £200 and £250.’
    • ‘In return they will share any prize money won, together with any other in-come received, such as appearance money and sponsorship fees.’
    • ‘He was the first European to get appearance money to play in Europe, in the middle 1970s.’
    • ‘A host of sponsors have been identified for the soccer tournament, resulting in guaranteed appearance money of $2 million for each team in the World Club Championship.’
    • ‘And you didn't ask for appearance money, which is something that regularly happens now.’
    • ‘He was very honest, and said he'd had a look at my contract situation and that if I played I'd be the highest earner at the club, because of the appearance money built in to my deal.’
    • ‘Maybe we will take out both the appearance money and bonus money for points, or a mix of both.’
    • ‘This year he skipped Oslo and that set the scribes scratching their heads once again and a dispute over appearance money appeared to be the most logical theory put forward with his knee problem discarded as old hat.’
    • ‘You got appearance money when playing in the first team.’
    • ‘The tournament has set a trend by giving appearance money to the participating teams - a first in Indian hockey.’
    • ‘With transport of horses paid for as long as they run twice, plus guaranteed appearance money of over £1,000 a time and no charges for stabling, there are plenty of overseas entries.’
    • ‘Teams are refusing to tour because they do not get appearance money from the hosts, like in the past.’
    • ‘Protests were led by many of New Zealand's top players, none of whom takes a cent in appearance money for their national open.’
    • ‘He got $10,000 for finishing sixth and another $8,000 for running under 2 hours 11 minutes on top of his appearance money.’
    • ‘The rules about appearance money are admirable in intent, I guess, but none of them work.’
    • ‘Sanctioning appearance money really is a dangerous route for any sport or tour to take.’
    • ‘Some teams didn't compete in every Grand Prix, and prize and appearance money varied widely, as did the quality of the tracks.’