Definition of appealingly in US English:



  • See appealing

    • ‘Of the works that take a discernible stand - many are appealingly vague - 95% are anti-war, and most are frankly rather glib and trite in this expression.’
    • ‘The waiters (to a man debonair and charming) overfill the glasses and it is a somewhat acquired taste - like sucking raw damsons - but once you get over the astringency, it is appealingly cheap.’
    • ‘And all reports were that she was friendly for the defense - she looked at over at him appealingly - but she's also in a lawsuit with him.’
    • ‘Afternoons were for lazy excursions into the backwaters, on horseback if the fancy took you, where mustachioed men are men and ride gaucho style, or less appealingly carry squealing pigs to market strapped across their bicycles.’
    • ‘This ‘Posh’ beer is also apparently kept in a bottle that's very appealingly shaped, though made from entirely artificial ingredients.’