Definition of Appalachian Mountains in US English:

Appalachian Mountains

(also the Appalachians)

proper noun

  • A mountain system in eastern North America that stretches from Quebec and Maine in the north to Georgia and Alabama in the south. Its highest peak, Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, rises to 6,684 feet (2,037 m).

    • ‘Brook trout are found as far south as Georgia in the Appalachian mountain range and extend north all the way to Hudson Bay.’
    • ‘West Virginia is home to some of the richest mineral resources in the Appalachian mountain chain.’
    • ‘The closure of the commons in southwestern Virginia Blue Ridge counties, and perhaps in other Appalachian mountain counties, followed a very different path from that of much of the South.’
    • ‘They overlap and hybridize along an extensive zone that runs from southern Connecticut, across the Hudson Valley, and then along the eastern front of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains.’
    • ‘His plan was an ambitious trek of the Appalachian ranges from Georgia to Maine during the summer vacation.’
    • ‘The collision between Gondwana and Laurasia led to the formation of the Appalachian belt in North America and the Hercynian Mountains in Europe.’
    • ‘Farmers dismantled wagons, hid horses, drove livestock hundreds of miles, in some cases over the Appalachian and Alleghany mountains, all to avoid their being confiscated in forced sales by government officials.’
    • ‘They also demarcate the special climates formed by the Great Lakes and by the Appalachian mountain ranges.’
    • ‘Faced with news that its wind turbines were killing thousands of bats at two wind farms on Appalachian mountain ridgelines, the nation's largest wind power company reacted quickly.’


Appalachian Mountains

/ˌæpəˌleɪtʃiən ˈmaʊntənz//ˌapəˌlāCHēən ˈmountənz/