Definition of aponeurotic in US English:



  • See aponeurosis

    • ‘Muscle fibers insert primarily via the superficial tendon, an aponeurotic sheet composed of many long, flat tendons.’
    • ‘The fibular origin of the flexor digitorum longus muscle was resilient, with its tough aponeurotic fibers requiring incision to access the tibialis posterior muscle.’
    • ‘The ulnar or deep head (accessory head) arises by an aponeurotic band from the medial border of the coronoid process of the ulna, medial to the tendon of the brachialis muscle.’
    • ‘However, independent of the degree of fibrosis and contracture, the fibrotic cords consist of collagen bundles oriented in the direction of the aponeurotic fascia.’
    • ‘The sonic muscle fibers run dorsoventrally, originating on the aponeurotic sheet that protrudes over the dorsal surface of the swim bladder and extending ventrally adjacent to the hypaxial muscles.’
    • ‘Sampling was performed from the variably affected areas of the aponeurotic fascia within the same patients.’
    • ‘The calcifying aponeurotic fibroma7 has a predilection for the distal extremities; the cartilaginous component is microscopic and embedded within a fibromatosis-like background.’