Definition of apomorphine in US English:



  • A white crystalline compound used as an emetic and in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

    A morphine derivative; chemical formula: C₁₇H₁₇NO₂

    • ‘Also, stereotypical behaviour and circling movement induced by apomorphine was suppressed.’
    • ‘If Viagra fails, it may be useful to try apomorphine.’
    • ‘The prescribing of apomorphine injection is restricted to Neurology.’
    • ‘Medications that stimulate dopamine, such as apomorphine [Uprima], are being researched for treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.’
    • ‘Inspiratory muscle strength improves during an infusion of apomorphine, a direct stimulant of dopamine receptors, suggesting that inspiratory muscle weakness results from impaired neural drive to the muscles.’
    • ‘Likewise, the threshold-altering effects of another compound, apomorphine, a direct dopamine agonist, appear to be more related to the delivery protocol than a specific drug-elicited inhibition.’
    • ‘‘When exposed to apomorphine, the fish swam almost twice as fast,’ she says.’
    • ‘Ipecac or apomorphine should be avoided since seizures or decreased mental status may occur rapidly, increasing the risk for aspiration.’
    • ‘A team of Canadian scientists gave either an active drug, apomorphine, or a dummy drug to a group of six Parkinson's patients.’
    • ‘Apokyn was given priority review because injectable apomorphine is the first therapy approved to treat these episodes acutely (during the episode).’
    • ‘Nine patients with severe restless legs syndrome were pretreated with domperidone for three days to mitigate side effects of apomorphine, which was given as an intravenous infusion.’
    • ‘Nausea induced by apomorphine as the aversive stimulus was reported less often (four participants in the early 1960s).’
    • ‘No differences were found between the two groups in the proportion of patients taking anticholinergics, dopamine agonists, or apomorphine, nor in the average number of different types of drugs prescribed for Parkinson's disease.’
    • ‘Either ipecac or apomorphine is indicated unless the patient is comatose, seizing, and/or has lost the gag reflex.’
    • ‘The structural elements of apomorphine resemble those of dopamine, and it is not surprising that the effects of apomorphine are similar to those of dopamine and involve direct stimulation of dopamine receptors.’
    • ‘The first dopamine-receptor drug that we tested was apomorphine, which interacts with all classes of dopamine receptors in a fashion similar to dopamine itself.’
    • ‘A fourth drug, apomorphine, comes as a tablet to be dissolved under the tongue.’