Definition of apomixis in English:



  • Asexual reproduction in plants, in particular agamospermy.

    Often contrasted with amphimixis
    • ‘The particular form of apomixis involves the development of a 2n embryo sac followed by fertilization of the central nuclei to form the endosperm (pseudogamy).’
    • ‘Therefore it can be assumed that the seeds analyzed in this study were the result of neither selfing nor apomixis.’
    • ‘Pollen quality may be correlated with male fertility and apomixis.’
    • ‘Plants also show great ranges in self-fertility from obligate outcrossing to complete selfing to apomixis (uniparental).’
    • ‘During in vivo development, maternal apomixis refers to the asexual formation of a seed from the maternal tissues of the ovule, avoiding the processes of meiosis and fertilization.’
    • ‘Only one plant in the apomixis treatment developed two ovules.’
    • ‘A second explanation for the formation of seed in bagged hermaphroditic flowers can be apomixis, the formation of seed without pollination.’
    • ‘To eliminate the possibility of apomixes an additional treatment was added in 2000: flowers on 10 female plants were bagged.’
    • ‘Some angiosperms reproduce by apomixis, a natural way of cloning through seeds.’
    • ‘Genetic and molecular mapping studies based on the analysis of offspring from apomictic by sexual crosses have been carried out on multiple species reproducing by gametophytic apomixis.’
    • ‘The asexuality may be of any kind including apomixis (reproduction by unreduced egg cells).’
    • ‘No experiments were conducted to test whether or not the high fruit set observed in this species was due to apomixis.’
    • ‘Polyembryonic seeds can arise through several developmental pathways and in some cases may involve apomixis stimulated by fertilization of nearby ovules.’
    • ‘Five individuals were assigned to a fifth treatment to investigate the possibility of apomixis.’
    • ‘Another example is the major impact that understanding apomixis would have on plant breeding.’
    • ‘In apomixis, an embryo is created from a diploid cell in the ovule.’
    • ‘It is noteworthy that according to the studies of Illg, M. brasiliensis may be apomictic, although pollinator-dependent; i.e. apomixis is triggered by pollen-tube development.’
    • ‘There are two types of thelytokous reproduction: apomixis - clonal reproduction, which can be diploid or polyploid - and automixis, a meiosis that takes place after which diploidy is restored.’
    • ‘Most published work on poaceae is devoted to plant breeding issues, since apomixis - which allows hybrids to breed true - is as valuable a trait in plant breeding as in population biology.’
    • ‘The values given in Table 3 are only indicative of the success of the crosses and should not be considered as definitive, since selfing, and probably also apomixis, took place in some of the cases.’


Early 20th century: from apo- + Greek mixis mingling.