Definition of apologetically in US English:



  • In a manner that expresses or shows regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.

    ‘he smiles apologetically and slips away’
    • ‘The halted drivers are polite when the officials pat them down, search their cars, examine their papers, and apologetically send them on their way.’
    • ‘In his autobiography he concludes, somewhat apologetically, that perhaps he preferred objects to people.’
    • ‘When asked if I'd seen any recent movies, I apologetically said that nothing new really interested me.’
    • ‘His press secretary apologetically announced he was running two hours late for our interview.’
    • ‘I stutter apologetically that I suppose she looks more like a kid.’
    • ‘He said, apologetically, that he had become extremely distressed.’
    • ‘I remember we ran into the lobby and apologetically asked where the restroom was.’
    • ‘Last question, asked almost apologetically, is, "Has he suffered a midlife crisis?"’
    • ‘They told me apologetically that although the baggage had been pulled out of the hold of the aircraft, the trailer carrying it was delayed.’
    • ‘She pushed her homeroom door open and stepped in, smiling apologetically at the teacher.’