Definition of apolitically in US English:



  • See apolitical

    • ‘While they are professional and will perform apolitically, its my guess that the officers will be resistant to wholesale changes to the rating system and some of the fiscally prudent policies we implemented.’
    • ‘Two independents had thrown their hat into the East Ward election ring in an effort to offer disillusioned constituents in the ward a chance to vote apolitically.’
    • ‘Fundamental to that confidence is the belief that not only do the police act apolitically and independently, but also that the police honour their constabulary oath, and have standards the public can be comfortable with and proud of.’
    • ‘They acted professionally and apolitically and are showing us now that they will respect the popular electoral will.’
    • ‘As long as it's run like the Bank of England currently runs the pound, which is to say, apolitically, and pretty predictably, then it should be all right.’