Definition of aperiodicity in US English:



  • See aperiodic

    • ‘Thus, the aperiodicity was not due to synaptic events but attributable to the activity of voltage-sensitive Na + channels.’
    • ‘This generalisation allows us to eliminate the bullwhip problem, but introduces stability and aperiodicity issues in the supply chain.’
    • ‘In fact this article could be considered an analysis of the impact of the study of aperiodicity on Hubert's problem.’
    • ‘A new technique for aperiodicity analysis was designed to meet these more stringent requirements, but even highly sophisticated fundamental frequency analysis procedures 9,10 need further refinement.’
    • ‘We prove that aperiodicity is present in both versions, and a strong convergence to a fixed point is added in the fuzzy case, which extends and complement Jen's result on aperiodicity of Boolean CA.’