Definition of antrectomy in US English:



  • Surgical removal of an antrum, especially the antrum of the stomach.

    • ‘You also recall the doctor telling you and your husband in a December, 1989, conversation that your husband's problems were ‘abnormal results’ from the vagotomy and antrectomy surgery?’
    • ‘In less advanced cases, the use of hemostatic drugs or endoscopic laser coagulation may be effective, but in advanced cases with severe hemorrhage, antrectomy may be required.’
    • ‘For this reason, we wanted to demonstrate, experimentally in the rat, differences in the mucous of the gastric remanent after an antrectomy.’
    • ‘For duodenal ulcers, antrectomy may be combined with other surgical procedures that are aimed at reducing the secretion of gastric acid, which is associated with ulcer formation.’
    • ‘A vagotomy is usually done in conjunction with an antrectomy.’