Definition of antivivisectionist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See antivivisection

    • ‘We meet early antivivisectionists, such as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley and Anna Kingsford, who studied medicine in order to make their voices heard.’
    • ‘For example, she points out that women established the first antivivisectionist societies in both England and America, and that most members were also women.’
    • ‘Lederer contends that medical scientists used stories about such "heroic" acts to defend themselves against criticism from antivivisectionist groups--a defense they needed.’
    • ‘Indeed, the antivivisectionist ancestors of today's animal rightists attempted to stop the research of Louis Pasteur that led to the discovery of the rabies vaccine.’
    • ‘Debate over the ethics of human research was stimulated by antivivisectionists in the nineteenth century.’