Definition of antiseptic in US English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting substances that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

    • ‘These treatments have antifungal and antiseptic properties.’
    • ‘Hand washing with antiseptic soap or hand rubbing with alcohol-based disinfectant significantly reduced bacterial counts compared to hand washing with unmedicated soap.’
    • ‘Bleeding in children, arising from persistent crusting of the insides of the nostrils, is best treated using an antiseptic cream or softening ointment such as petroleum jelly.’
    • ‘Joseph Lister, MD, developed the principles and practice of antisepsis in the 1800s after he used antiseptic solutions on open bone fractures.’
    • ‘To prevent catheter-related infections, it is important to use an antiseptic hand wash before starting a procedure.’
    • ‘The CDC does not makes recommendations for a particular antiseptic agent for the catheter insertion site; nor do they recommend a specific type of dressing over another.’
    • ‘And sage, thyme and myrrh contain antiseptic actions that help prevent the growth of bacteria.’
    • ‘Prolonged use of topical antiseptic agents should be avoided.’
    • ‘Mucositis should be managed with antiseptic mouthwash and prophylactic or early treatment of oral candidiasis.’
    • ‘He or she may also recommend an antiseptic mouthwash that helps prevent plaque forming.’
    • ‘We have shown that handrubbing with an alcohol based solution is more effective than handwashing with an antiseptic soap in reducing bacterial contamination of healthcare workers' hands during routine patient care.’
    • ‘It is likely that you will be prescribed antibiotics and an antiseptic mouthwash to reduce the risk of your implant becoming infected.’
    • ‘The 1994 rulemaking included definitions for antiseptic drugs, broad spectrum activity, and healthcare antiseptics.’
    • ‘Antiseptic mouthwashes contain antiseptic to kill bacteria and help to freshen your breath.’
    • ‘To soften detritus, antiseptic solution may be instilled into the umbilicus when the abdomen is scrubbed, or the nurse can use separate sponges and applicators to clean the umbilicus first.’
    • ‘A warm bath, antibacterial soap, or antiseptic medicine to stop infection may help.’
    • ‘Antibiotics are useless and proprietary antiseptic gargles and lozenges if used in excess are likely to further aggravate the throat.’
    • ‘If you nick yourself while shaving, apply alum - a natural mineral with antiseptic properties - to stop bleeding and soothe irritation.’
    • ‘Another fire occurred when sparks from an electrosurgical unit ignited antiseptic solution that had pooled under a patient's legs.’
    • ‘Many approved official prophylactic packs in fact contained antiseptic ointment.’
    disinfectant, germicidal, bactericidal
    sterile, aseptic, germ-free, uncontaminated, unpolluted
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  • 2Scrupulously clean or pure, especially so as to be bland or characterless.

    ‘the antiseptic modernity of a conference center’
    • ‘It works if only as a glorious distraction from the antiseptic earnestness of life as a modern-day Test player.’
    • ‘It's good to see computer - generated images of how the original and intact building looked, before going to see the clean and rather antiseptic ruin.’
    • ‘Lighting was selected to brighten without glaring, and displays were designed to be neat and clean, but not antiseptic.’
    • ‘It was a bit too clean and antiseptic to be really considered an evil lair.’
    • ‘Those tired of modern, antiseptic museums with a very strong flow of tourists will discover a rare pleasure in visiting the Foundation's private universe.’
    characterless, colourless, soulless, bland, nondescript, uninspiring
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  • An antiseptic compound or preparation.

    • ‘Regulatory agencies use in vitro and surrogate clinical simulation studies that mimic use conditions to assess the efficacy of topical antiseptics.’
    • ‘Essential oils are found in different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, bark, berries, stems and roots, and they may contain hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and antiseptics.’
    • ‘Wounds should be cleaned with soap and water or skin antiseptics.’
    • ‘Semmelweis documented the importance of antiseptics in clinical medicine; the importance of biocides in the domicile environment remains to be determined.’
    • ‘The monograph classifies health care antiseptics in the following manner.’
    • ‘He generalized that if contaminated wounds healed well with antiseptics, simple incised wounds would benefit from the application of antiseptic as well.’
    • ‘Skin and hair may be washed with special antiseptics.’
    • ‘Catheters impregnated with antiseptics and coated with antibiotics are now available.’
    • ‘Topical antiseptics are essential for infection control.’
    • ‘Current techniques designed to modify materials for infection resistance rely on external bonding agents to integrate antiseptics and antibiotics.’
    • ‘Contamination of antiseptics has been associated with outbreaks of infections and false-positive findings on blood culture.’
    • ‘Warm compresses, topical antiseptics, and antibacterial soap may help in patients with folliculitis.’
    • ‘They concluded that antiseptics are often effective against a broader range of bacteria than antibiotics and are less likely to create resistant bacteria or patient sensitivities.’
    • ‘The emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in hospitals is largely attributable to the excessive use of antibiotics and antiseptics causing the bacteria to mutate and provide resistance.’
    • ‘Emollients in alcohol-based hand antiseptics have been shown to reduce complaints of drying, irritation, and itching by health care workers.’
    • ‘An inflamed prostate is a nuisance, but it's relatively easy to treat with antibiotics, urinary antiseptics, muscle relaxants and/or rest.’
    • ‘Believing himself capable of curing his affliction with poultices and antiseptics, he had only delayed the inevitable visit to the doctor's office.’
    • ‘They are susceptible to heat and to some antiseptics.’
    • ‘The lesion had not responded to self prescribed topical antibiotics and antiseptics.’
    • ‘Everyone is wise to the mercury dangers in paints, but patients need to know that button batteries, mercurial antiseptics and broken thermometers are sources of mercury.’
    disinfectant, germicide, bactericide
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