Definition of antipodean in English:


noun & adjective

  • See antipodes

    • ‘However, rugby tourists from Britain had arrived in New Zealand back in 1904, so some form of team from these islands have been playing a team from those antipodean islands for more than a century.’
    • ‘The Evening Press can reveal York's new professional outfit have contacted the Aussie big-guns with a view to setting up an antipodean partnership between the two rugby league clubs.’
    • ‘Though undoubtedly a challenge to design and build, the outcome is a delight - an antipodean primitive hut for the twenty-first century.’
    • ‘At a reception in Clarence House the couple entertained Australians and New Zealanders working in the UK, ahead of the prince's antipodean tour, which begins next week.’
    • ‘The Royal Society sent Captain James Cook on an antipodean voyage to observe the 1769 transit from the newly-discovered island of Tahiti.’
    • ‘Sir Dave's latest beasty rave considers some of the planet's 10,000 species of warm-blooded animals, but beginning with antipodean curiosities like the platypus.’
    • ‘Until, that is, her daughter Joanne emigrated to Australia in the 1980s. Barbara has since visited several times, and met the antipodean branch of the family.’
    • ‘While the antipodean blossoming of Buddhism seems to have gone from strength to strength since the 1980's, this has not always been the case.’
    • ‘Richard Krygier had approached Josselson in 1951 and offered his services as Cultural Freedom's antipodean representative.’
    • ‘Aren't the central characters in the story - the heroes or villains depending on your perspective - those men who fought to defend values and principles that would underpin the new antipodean settler society?’
    • ‘Australia coined the term ‘cultural cringe’ to describe the view that European art was inherently superior to antipodean work, and British television still cringes culturally in the face of Hollywood.’
    • ‘The barmen had a uniformly antipodean charm and the owner was also delightful, greeting us personally whilst not, I believe, knowing us from Adam.’
    • ‘Its equivalent, in Dantean katabasis, is the point at which the inverted pilgrim begins to climb up toward the antipodean sky, where transcendent grace lifts him out of a state of sin.’
    • ‘What happens when tidal waves of employees approach retirement and the penny drops that their savings don't amount to a hill of beans, as is happening to our antipodean cousins?’
    • ‘Had Auster not just turned down an invitation to headline next year's literary festival in Wellington, he might not have been interested in talking with an antipodean reporter.’
    • ‘Other Australians tend to regard us (with some justification) as living in the Deep North, the antipodean equivalent of your Deep South.’
    • ‘Extra security staff and police have been placed on duty at Edgbaston to supervise cricket's fiercest rivalry, their minds concentrated by the scenes of antipodean unruliness witnessed at The Oval on Thursday.’
    • ‘It's not just a matter of hyperbole, as in American English, nor is it simply an antipodean version of British understatement, though it contains elements of both.’
    • ‘My antipodean boyfriend and I sipped bottles of the strong Thai beer Singha while perched on a high stool at a window table as we waited to be shown to our table.’
    • ‘The England-Australia football match had been shown on TV beforehand and the pub crowd looked on aghast as the colonial mother country was whipped by its antipodean satellite nation 3-1.’