Definition of antigay in US English:



  • Prejudiced against or opposed to homosexuality or homosexuals.

    ‘the reform of antigay laws’
    • ‘She has been wonderful to her son and she at one time was anti gay.’
    • ‘And he had a completely antigay record in Texas.’
    • ‘The Pink Panther Patrol began in New York City in the 1980s as a community patrol to stop anti gay violence.’
    • ‘She said she did not kick Craig or use anti gay slurs.’
    • ‘It is completely anti gay.’
    • ‘His opponents said he was the "most anti-gay federal judicial nominee in memory."’
    • ‘As you may know, this is still a very homophobic society and lots of our DJs make songs with anti gay lyrics.’
    • ‘If you're anti-gay, you might want to stay away.’
    • ‘Most or all its public figures were openly anti-gay.’
    • ‘Even the anti-gay congressional hearings managed to communicate that many gays and lesbians want to marry their partners, join the mainstream and be fellow citizens.’
    • ‘Even fewer seemed interested in why a gay man would ever work for a seemingly antigay politician.’
    • ‘It is conspicuously anti-gay and anti-Semitic, and has gone out of its way to earn contempt around the country by picketing the funerals of soldiers and Marines killed in combat.’
    • ‘His voting record was uniformly anti-gay.’
    • ‘The religious anti gay activists said the gay pride event has prompted new dialogue between them that extends to a broader discussion of religion and politics.’
    • ‘So it's not about being pro or anti gay.’
    • ‘The teachers I know do oppose anti gay bullying, as they would any other kind, though.’
    • ‘However, I was dismayed to see the lurid anti gay comments from one of the managing directors printed in your paper.’
    • ‘That year, incidents characterized by the group as anti gay violence ranging from verbal harassment to murder jumped 30 percent over 2003.’
    • ‘He got put on the ballot in Oregon temporarily by catering to a virulently anti-gay right-wing group.’
    • ‘The regime has also been ferociously anti-gay.’
    biased, bigoted, discriminatory, partisan, partial, one-sided, jaundiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, unfair, unjust, inequitable, non-objective, unobjective, blinkered, parti pris, coloured, distorted, warped, loaded, weighted
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  • A person who is prejudiced against or opposed to homosexuality or homosexuals.

    ‘antigays were angry the event wasn't banned outright’