Definition of anticipator in US English:



  • See anticipate

    • ‘To others, he was a creative architect of US military strength, a perceptive analyst of the international scene, and an accurate anticipator of future threats.’
    • ‘He is a great anticipator who makes up for a lack of speed with toughness and size.’
    • ‘It has lost that magic touch which once made it the most accurate anticipator and satisfier of consumer needs and tastes.’
    • ‘It is when the heat left in the radiators causes the room temp to rise after the thermostat is satisfied. All you may need to do is adjust the heat anticipator in the thermostat.’
    • ‘But increasingly, TV critics, like all other entertainment journalists, are expected not to be tastemakers but taste anticipators: to decide what will be hot and make sure they cover it, even if they end up panning it.’