Definition of anti-Christian in US English:



  • 1Opposed to Christianity or Christian values.

    • ‘There's more than a little anti-christian sentiment here.’
    • ‘The whole article is shot through with this kind of anti-christian bias.’
    • ‘After all, anti-christian lyrics have been penned by everyone from John Lennon to Judas Iscariot.’
    • ‘These are songs whose subtle lyrics promote and/or explain the Antichristian position.’
    • ‘Organised religion is often (especially in forums like this) made out to be the enemy, I use to be quite anti-christian but I'm not anymore.’
    • ‘The anti-Christian bias in our society has reached absurd proportions.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the Antichrist.
      • ‘The work of the second beast is the service of the first; cooperating with the Antichristian world government.’
      • ‘Among all the anti-Christian manifestations in the history of the world and the Church that lie behind us in the past there is none that fits the description better than the Papacy.’
      • ‘If any part of the Church be proved to be antichristian, all of the Church is so, the Protestant branch inclusive.’
      • ‘Rome was the kingdom in existence, and the one yet to come is the Antichristian kingdom.’
      • ‘These and similar passages reveal to the Church that antichristian forces will appear in various recurrent forms until the end of time.’


  • A person who opposes Christianity.

    • ‘Well, that sounds like a little anti-American, anti-Christian bigotry.’
    • ‘Of course the religious right will still claim that it's all a matter of anti-Christian bigotry, but those claims are starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf.’
    • ‘But starting with a religious regime that promotes religion, moving to state neutrality is anti-Christian…’
    • ‘What's more, he noted that the philosophical systems produced by these folks were at their core anti-Christian.’
    • ‘The sad news is that evolutionists are increasingly banding together to push their anti-Christian teachings and to oppose creationists.’
    • ‘His few clear anti-Christian statements relate to specifically Catholic doctrine, not to Christianity more generally.’
    • ‘I am not going to let oppressive, totalitarian, anti-Christian forces in this country diminish and denigrate the holiday and the celebration.’
    • ‘Their curricula are imbued with anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, and anti-Semitic messages.’
    • ‘This has nothing to do - at least on my part - with being anti-Christian and I am insulted that Dean thinks that is where my feelings on this come from.’
    • ‘Since Christians have generally put up little resistance, and even rewarded immoral politicians with their votes, it's hardly surprising that the anti-Christians in power feel brave enough to reveal their real agenda explicitly.’
    • ‘It seems unlikely that the pope would aid anti-Christians who brutally persecuted his church before and during the war.’
    • ‘Wolf, we who are people of faith in this country, and that's about 94 percent of the population, have long since had to bear the brunt of such anti-Christians.’
    • ‘However, many anti-Christians commit this fallacy when they try to disprove Christianity by pointing out alleged parallels in pagan mythology.’
    • ‘I'll likely be tagged as anti-Christian by saying that, it's happened before on this site when I've gone off on this issue, but it just ain't true.’
    • ‘According to our readers, his anti-Christian rant was delivered with apparent sincerity and was met with enthusiastic applause.’
    • ‘As a result, all the western empire fell into Constantine's hands, a conversion to Christianity followed, and anti-Christian fervor ended.’
    • ‘You shouldn't see anti-Christian or anti-worship in these words.’
    • ‘Criminal culture was an immoralist culture with a motley population of wrongdoers and anti-Christians who unabashedly reaped the benefits of official culture's Christian benevolence and morality.’
    • ‘Now the children of 19th Century Protestantism are the thoroughly anti-Christian NEA and friends.’
    • ‘At this point it would serve as an anti-Christian act.’