Definition of anthropophagus in US English:



  • A cannibal, especially in legends or fables.

    • ‘They did not, sadly, carry the right kind of rifles and so ‘were not equipped for the anthropophagi they encountered… Their heads remain to this day up in the bush of Guadalcanar [sic].’’
    • ‘When I saw that, I thought we were in for a latter day Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, with strange beasts and anthropophagi.’
    • ‘Often they never even encountered the presumed anthropophagi.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the same set of images - cannibals, anthropophagi, and the men with heads beneath their shoulders - appears in the play and on a single page of the Prodigiorum.’


Mid 16th century: Latin, from Greek anthrōpophagos ‘man-eating’, from anthrōpos ‘human being’ + -phagos (see -phagous).