Definition of anthill in English:



  • A moundlike nest built by ants or termites.

    • ‘For non-divers, the idea of launching themselves into the middle of a shark pack is probably about as appealing as filling their socks with treacle and standing in the middle of an anthill.’
    • ‘Continuing on, we saw a huge dump of fresh red clay reaching high up the hill like a tremendous anthill.’
    • ‘And a seemingly never-ending procession of leafcutter ants tack diagonally across the next spot in the trail on a pheromone-driven mission to and from their monolithic anthills.’
    • ‘Twice I've seen winged red ants streaming out of their anthills, and twice I've smelled something really sweet in the air.’
    • ‘The odd impulse to intervene with some teenagers stomping on an anthill, or simply to refrain from taking advantage of another's bad luck - where do these impulses come from?’
    • ‘The vista's broad sweep was not of much interest to the boys; they were more concerned with details close at hand - a shiny rock, a fluttering bird, a lizard, or a chance to stir up an anthill with a stick.’
    • ‘Last night on television the ethnologist and the cameraman watched with hushed wonder while the chimpanzee carefully stripped a willow branch and inserted it into the anthill.’
    • ‘Last, but not least, you'll have to make sure you've got an assortment of warrior ants guarding your anthill against unwanted insects and animals.’
    • ‘The coordinated activities of the anthill or beehive operate on very different principles from those of a family, a large company, or a great city.’
    • ‘IT'S early Wednesday morning and the activity at the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, known as Africa's biggest, can only be compared to the frantic commotion of an anthill just before the rain.’
    • ‘They pile on top of each other like ants on top of an anthill.’
    • ‘Seeking a snack, wild chimpanzees dip sticks into an anthill to fish out the insects.’
    • ‘The rock face rose impressively above her, piercing the landscape like a skyscraper over an anthill.’
    • ‘We all kept busy like ants in an anthill, repainting our restructured domiciles.’
    • ‘They scurried around like ants when you pour water down an anthill, with no awareness of the world around them, as if the earth began and ended with high school.’
    • ‘All over the dunes I had noticed tiny little mounds that looked like anthills with no hole.’
    • ‘Children in the street laugh, as they drop a scorpion onto an anthill.’
    • ‘When ants carry morsels into their anthills, we call that work ecology.’
    • ‘A silence fell over the pair as they watched the humans scurry about like worker ants near an anthill, each with their own individual tasks to carry out- and occasionally grouping together for a team effort.’
    • ‘I feel somewhat like a measly ant pestering a magnificent tiger who has chosen to sleep on an anthill.’