Definition of antbird in US English:



  • An insectivorous, long-legged, short-tailed bird that typically has dark gray plumage in the male and brown in the female. Antbirds, found mainly in the tropical forests of South America, often feed on insects that have been disturbed by swarms of army ants.

    Family Formicariidae: several genera, in particular Myrmeciza, Cercomacra, and Drymophila

    • ‘Because of their cryptic coloration and secretive habits, ground antbirds are more often heard than seen.’
    • ‘Here we report an 8-year study of this system in a tropical passerine bird, the dusky antbird.’
    • ‘Only 7 percent remains of the original 400,000-square-mile forest, home to hundreds of species of trees and animals like tapirs, jaguars and the rare marsh antbird.’
    • ‘Small flies laid their eggs in the bodies of the escaping insects; antbirds grabbed most of the bugs the flies didn't claim.’
    • ‘Likewise, trunks for foraging woodpeckers and vegetational structures for dead-leaf foraging antbirds are found throughout the midstory, often extending into the understory and canopy.’