Definition of answer the description of in US English:

answer the description of


  • Correspond to a description, especially one of a suspect issued by the police.

    ‘he answers the description of being slightly taller than his two supposed companions’
    • ‘I have a number of documents in my possession which answer the description of the documents described in the subpoena.’
    • ‘Beat officers were alerted, and asked to look out for any car answering the description of the one in the area at the times reported.’
    • ‘One can postulate that a person who is born here, has lived here all their life, has parents who are citizens, may well be a person who could not possibly answer the description of an alien.’
    • ‘He answers the description of the murder suspect.’
    • ‘Yes, but is there any finding at any stage that, as a matter of general law, Mr Downes' client answered the description of a person who had ‘the right to decide the possession, disposition and use of the vessel’ owned by her husband?’
    match, fit, correspond to, be similar to, conform to, correlate to
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