Definition of Anoplura in English:


  • An order of insects that comprises the sucking lice.

    Also called Siphunculata
    See also Phthiraptera
    • ‘This is a sucking louse, order Anoplura, and is a blood feeder on mammals.’
    • ‘Morphological and molecular evidence strongly support the view that the Anoplura and Rhyncophthirina are sister taxa, and that they are closer to Ischnocera than the latter two are to the more primitive Amblycera.’
    • ‘The Anoplura have, so far as is known, no insects which are parasitic upon them and probably very few enemies, except their hosts.’
    • ‘Up to date, no Anoplura of this family of Carnivora were known in Argentina.’


Modern Latin (plural), from anoplos ‘unarmed’ + oura ‘tail’.