Definition of anonymous FTP in English:

anonymous FTP


  • Part of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on the Internet that lets anyone log on to an FTP server, using a general username and without a password.

    • ‘Due to the lack of search engines, users had to know the site's address prior to use and had also to understand anonymous FTP.’
    • ‘But on many systems, limited anonymous FTP access is enabled by default.’
    • ‘The description of setting up anonymous FTP is the most complete I can recall reading in recent memory.’
    • ‘NASA has established an anonymous FTP input point for persons who have found shuttle debris to upload photos or videos of the material along with identifying commentary for NASA analysis of its importance.’
    • ‘That's all you need to know about setting up a simple and secure anonymous FTP server.’


anonymous FTP

/əˈnɑnəməs ˈˌɛf ˈˌti ˈpi/