Definition of annulated in US English:



  • See annulate

    • ‘The shell surface is distinctly annulated along its sides, with broad annulae that are separated by deep narrow grooves.’
    • ‘The molecular nomenclature of these compounds is taken from the core seven-member ring, containing two nitrogen atoms, that is annulated with a benzene ring.’
    • ‘However, annulated tubes with definite tetraradial symmetry have been found in Ediacaran-age biotas in both South America and southwestern North America, and referred to the genus Corumbella.’
    • ‘The most striking feature seen on the fossil annelids in this study is the ‘fan,’ a cephalic cage formed by annulated capillary setae.’
    • ‘At the same time, calcium-rich annulated spheroids appear at the apical ends of the proximate and middle enterocytes.’