Definition of annoyingly in US English:



  • In a way that causes irritation or annoyance.

    ‘the alarm clock rang annoyingly in her ear’
    as submodifier ‘I was being annoyingly facetious earlier’
    sentence adverb ‘even more annoyingly, I couldn't find my phone’
    • ‘Being cheery doesn't have to equal being annoyingly chipper.’
    • ‘She couldn't make out the lyrics, and the bass seemed annoyingly out of rhythm.’
    • ‘Her annoyingly precocious daughter becomes the main conduit to the supernatural by way of the imaginary-friend device.’
    • ‘He elongates the ends of all his sentences, so the words trail off annoyingly over the music.’
    • ‘You'll have to untangle a lot of overly complicated chord changes and annoyingly high-pitched vocal turns to find anything else worth savoring.’
    • ‘I remember a blimp advertising a local Internet service provider orbiting annoyingly outside my window.’
    • ‘Annoyingly, a little voice popped up in my head and muttered, "At least he's here to tutor you."’
    • ‘The whole thing bogs down to an annoyingly slow pace and then just confuses us with a weird ghost story.’
    • ‘Annoyingly, he was still wearing that smirk, his pale eyes narrowed into near slits.’
    • ‘The radio-controlled toy helicopter buzzes annoyingly, like a huge mosquito, around a figure attempting to sleep.’