Definition of annotator in US English:



  • See annotate

    • ‘The notes by the conductor and by Tadashi Isoyama are interesting and go way beyond the usual historical perspectives provided by most other annotators.’
    • ‘These annotations are added by a team of expert annotators who extract this information primarily from journal publications.’
    • ‘An example of the support of rebellion in the notes is found in that on Exodus 1: 19, where the Geneva annotators endorse the disobedience of the Egyptian midwives regarding the killings of Hebrew male children.’
    • ‘Collini's public celebration of the under-appreciated scholarship of editors and annotators is a service to the humanities.’
    • ‘He was a chronic annotator, editor and commentator, loving the detail of government but disliking the main business.’
    • ‘Automatic text-analysis tools can assist human annotators and can thus significantly shorten the time lag of functional annotations.’