Definition of anlage in US English:



  • The rudimentary basis of a particular organ or other part, especially in an embryo.

    • ‘The MAC chromosomes are generated by fragmentation of the germline chromosomes in the developing macronuclear anlagen during conjugation, but the molecular mechanism remains to be elucidated.’
    • ‘The basicranial articulation was no longer the anchor for the palate, and the palatoquadrate was functionally replaced by its dermal anlagen, the maxillae.’
    • ‘The initial anlage of the atherosclerotic plaque seen in adults can be seen as a fatty streak on the surface of the arterial wall during infancy.’
    • ‘Mutant clones in the notum anlagen of the wing imaginal disc produce alterations in the pattern of medial thoracic bristles and a strong dorsal thoracic cleft.’
    • ‘Mori suggested that atlantomastoideus, obliquus capitis superior, and longissimus capitis arise from the same anlage based on their innervation by the dorsal division of C1.’
    • ‘In extant amniotes, however, the VN organ is situated too close to the midline to leave a mark on the maxilla, as is the anlagen of the organ in crocodilian and avian embryos.’
    • ‘It has been noted that the resulting split of the visual anlage resembles the morphogenesis of the vertebrate anterior plate.’
    • ‘Isolation of ovarian anlage result in normal follicle-bearing ovarian tissue.’
    • ‘Studies on dechorionated eggs have shown that segmental anlagen are apparent quite early in embryonic development, though of course considerably after the end of the cleavage stage.’
    • ‘The anlagen for the eye imaginal disc arise as a group of about 20 cells in the embryo and proliferate through the first and second instar larval stages.’
    • ‘While all of the stages are linked to specific places, the fourth stage, which he labels ‘terrestrial anlage,’ is especially place-dependent because it is the time when the child learns the names of things in its immediate home territory.’
    • ‘It may be that segment anlagen are produced in a multiplicative manner, with the result that the final number of total segments is always even.’
    • ‘Spemann found that in certain amphibian species transplanted pieces of epidermis that were not part of the anlage of the lens also could be induced to produce a lens.’
    • ‘These events begin early in the life of the fly when a small set of cells are set aside to form the eye anlagen during early embryogenesis.’
    • ‘Each scalid appears as a spinose anlage (= protoscalid) and differentiates in the next stage.’
    • ‘Evolutionary morphologists such as Haeckel and Gegenbaur argued that true homology can only exist between two parts that have developed from the same anlage.’
    • ‘In the terminal, proctodeal region of stage 10 embryos, bft transcripts appear in endodermal cells corresponding to the anlagen of the posterior spiracles, which also express Cut.’
    • ‘The earliest expression of Hox genes for these arthropods is in the already formed segmental anlage, in the presumptive position of the developing segment.’
    • ‘The segmental anlage of the larval and adult body plan is produced by a growth zone located just anterior to the pygidium.’
    • ‘Both anlagen persist in individual exconjugants, their cell mass increasing steadily for many days after conjugation was initiated.’


Late 19th century: from German, ‘foundation, basis’.