Definition of ankle-deep in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Of or at a depth or height to reach the ankles.

    as adjective ‘the cool ankle-deep water of the pool’
    as adverb ‘she stood ankle-deep in the water’
    • ‘Those who escaped when their simple mud-brick homes collapsed sat among the debris, ankle-deep in mud and wrapped in blankets handed out by soldiers and volunteers.’
    • ‘Dew soaked her shoes as she made her way through the ankle-deep grass.’
    • ‘He ran as fast as he could, but it wasn't easy in the ankle-deep snow.’
    • ‘Tape recorder in hand, the reporter attempted to cross the field in ankle-deep mud.’
    • ‘In north-western Gonaives, Haiti's third largest city of about a quarter million people, residents waded through ankle-deep mud outside the mayor's office.’
    • ‘As they watched in bemusement she reached sand and promptly sank ankle-deep, wobbling precariously, grabbing at air for support, her balance an uncertainty from moment to moment.’
    • ‘He climbed from the tow-truck landing in an ankle-deep puddle, and ran towards Gregg, shouting for him to get out of the way.’
    • ‘They were all treading through ankle-deep snow in the parking-lot, holding their jackets up to their necks against the piercing gale.’
    • ‘He stepped out of bed to find ankle-deep water.’
    • ‘If the river is low, which is most of the time, you can walk across in ankle-deep water before turning upstream.’
    • ‘The whole site was ankle-deep in sawdust and all around there were trees which had been sawn into longitudinal slices with small wedges between each slice.’
    • ‘Even if the sun is shining, chances are the puddles are ankle-deep.’
    • ‘Reportage potentially involves travelling distances to follow a story, and putting up with small privations like ankle-deep mud or freezing gales.’
    • ‘As soon as we got downstairs, we were walking in ankle-deep water and there seemed to be an urgency to just get us out of the building.’
    • ‘A stray cat scampered across the alley, not sparing a glance at the girl who was wading through an ankle-deep swamp of old newspaper.’
    • ‘The first three all tried for the same rock and ended up ankle-deep in water.’
    • ‘The kids are ankle-deep in water when it rains because of the drainage around their cafeteria.’