Definition of animalistic in US English:



  • 1Characteristic of animals, particularly in being physical and instinctive.

    ‘these dogs are an extension of their owners' animalistic tendencies’
    • ‘He always thought it was funny how animalistic a person became in a fight.’
    • ‘She lashed out at me with almost an animalistic fury.’
    • ‘The animalistic nature of people tends to come out when they have the chance to seize what they believe is rightfully theirs.’
    • ‘Typically, the sensual qualities of your work are more animalistic.’
    • ‘We have shunned so many natural, animalistic aspects of our lives.’
    • ‘The gargoyles have animalistic features, fangs and glowing red eyes, as well as horns on their bald heads.’
    • ‘A sudden rush of animalistic instincts flooded my very state of being.’
    • ‘What if it's all just pure animalistic urges, with no feelings involved?’
    • ‘His books portray the animalistic, sensuous, physiological face of humankind.’
    • ‘Most dancers don't have an animalistic sense of walking.’
  • 2Relating to or practicing the religious worship of animals.

    ‘images of animalistic ritual costumes spring to mind’
    • ‘His father was a Native American dancer who would wear masks and worship animalistic totem symbols.’
    • ‘The frog had a high place in the animalistic worship of the realm.’
    • ‘The ethic instilled by the native pagan-animalistic religions produced a fear of curses and killed any initiative.’
    • ‘Boasts the doctor, "Animalistic worship is the foundation of pagan ideology."’
    • ‘It did not matter whether they belonged to other faiths, including tribes who had their own animalistic religion.’