Definition of animal pole in US English:

animal pole


  • The portion of an ovum that contains the nucleus and less yolk, opposite the vegetal pole.

    • ‘The result of labeling was examined by measuring the fluorescence intensity of the oocyte membrane at the animal pole.’
    • ‘The day after digestion, 9.2 nL of 60 ng / [mu] L cDNA of rSGLTl was injected into the nucleus, via the animal pole, of defolliculated oocytes.’
    • ‘Q170C rSGLT1 cDNA was delivered to the nucleus, via the animal pole, of the defolliculated oocytes at a concentration of 60 ng/l.’
    • ‘The zebrafish egg is about 0.7mm in diameter, with the cytoplasm and nucleus at the animal pole sitting upon a large mass of yolk.’