Definition of anharmonic in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting motion that is not simple harmonic.

    • ‘For an anharmonic potential, the spacing between modes changes as energy increases.’
    • ‘It seems that this transition reflects a partial freezing of the protein, which changes from an anharmonic to a harmonic regime induced by the glass transition in the surrounding solvent.’
    • ‘Rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates confined in anharmonic traps can exhibit a rich variety of vortex phases.’
    • ‘Our approach is next tested against computer simulations of a multimodule titin model with anharmonic linkers and then applied to experimental data for the unfolding of titin.’
    • ‘The anharmonic dynamics involve diffusive motion and allow sampling of different conformational substates.’
    • ‘Some studies have found a relationship between the onset of anharmonic motion and activity of proteins.’
    • ‘However, diffusive motion is present at all hydrations and temperatures studied, and the hydration-induced anharmonic motions are not required for activity.’
    • ‘Such curves are not characterized by parabolic functions, indicating that hydrogen-bonding interactions are strongly anharmonic.’
    • ‘Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the large critical temperature, including a double gap structure and anharmonic effects.’
    • ‘The CO band thermal broadening stems from the anharmonic coupling with motions of the heme environment, which, in the glassy state, are frozen in.’
    • ‘The cantilever oscillation is anharmonic and asymmetric when the quality factor is low, in contrast with TM AFM in air, where the cantilever oscillation is approximately sinusoidal and symmetric.’
    • ‘The nature of the biological processes driven by ATP binding and hydrolysis is, of course, highly anharmonic.’
    • ‘In the hydrated samples a ‘glass-like’ transition leading to an anharmonic dynamics is observed.’
    • ‘It was successfully fitted to the anharmonic coupling model, the fitting parameters being close to those obtained earlier.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we expect that small anharmonic corrections present in both the native and the random states will cancel out.’
    • ‘More recently the conclusion about the presence of the anharmonic coupling between the Fe-His and Fe-P displacements has been supported experimentally as well as theoretically using quantum chemical calculations.’
    • ‘The existence of such a detailed structure of the [upsilon] Fe-His band shape cannot be explained by the anharmonic coupling model of Bitler and Stavrov, which at 10 K predicts only a single line.’
    • ‘Experimental and computer simulation studies have revealed the presence of a glasslike transition in the internal dynamics of hydrated proteins at ~ 200 K involving an increase of the amplitude of anharmonic dynamics.’
    • ‘To make a rectifier, the researchers considered an anharmonic chain sandwiched between two harmonic caps, one with stiff springs - which vibrate at higher frequencies - and the other with more pliable springs.’
    • ‘Motions along the first few eigenvectors are mainly large anharmonic fluctuations and generally can be linked to the biological function of proteins.’