Definition of angular velocity in US English:

angular velocity


  • The rate of change of angular position of a rotating body.

    • ‘The rotation of this helix was enforced by applying harmonic constraints that induced rotation of all heavy atoms of the helix around the helix axis with a constant angular velocity of 3.6 deg/ps.’
    • ‘If the disk began rotating at one revolution per minute, you could observe the angular velocity by looking at it.’
    • ‘Just before free falling, the pendulum is at its widest angle (highest point), where the angular velocity is zero.’
    • ‘It is known that at a certain angular velocity ellipsoidal forms cease to be the forms of equilibrium of a rotating liquid.’
    • ‘For forward motion, the relationship between the angular velocity about the z axis, the yaw rate, and the pitch angle is shown in Fig.7.’
    • ‘But its angular velocity - the rate at which it was traveling around the earth, measured in revolutions per hour - was lower.’
    • ‘The angular velocity was chosen to 230 rpm, fast enough for aligning the membranes, preventing film rapture and dewetting, but also slow enough to keep the whole solvent on the wafer.’
    • ‘These stresses generate humeral angular velocities of up to 7550 deg/sec and rotational torques of up to 67 N-m.’
    • ‘The Kepler scholar Francis Warrain extended Kepler's researches and found that the angular velocities of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which were unknown during Kepler's lifetime, also correspond to harmonic ratios.’
    • ‘For an object, or in this case a person, in a vehicle rotating around some central point, the centrifugal force, and hence the perceived loading, is proportional to the square of the angular velocity and the radius of rotation.’
    • ‘Early results established that during rolling, cells do not slip over the surface; the magnitude of the translational velocity equals the product of the angular velocity and particle radius.’
    • ‘The protocol consisted of five repetitions at an angular velocity of 60 deg/sec followed by a 1-minute rest period and 30 repetitions of 240 deg/sec.’
    • ‘Model parameters include the mass distribution, initial position and initial angular velocity of each segment and the anatomy and physiology of each muscle.’
    • ‘During the throwing motion, athletes generate humeral angular velocities of up to 7000 deg/sec and torques exceeding 14,000 inch-pounds.’
    • ‘The pilot enters the turns gradually and smoothly so that the angular velocity in roll is well below the level of detection by the semicircular canals and the pilot feels that the wings of his aircraft are level.’
    • ‘Clarke chose an orbital altitude of 35,786 kilometers because at that distance the angular velocity of Earth's rotation would match that of the satellite.’
    • ‘The screw heads will not move at all with respect to each other, assuming that both screws are being rotated at the same angular velocity.’
    • ‘Both right and left plates of the platform are connected to two tension springs that pull each plate down into 30 [degrees] of inversion at an average angular velocity of 440 deg/sec.’
    • ‘Escape by small prey animals is possible as they are able turn in smaller radii and with higher angular velocities than the larger whales.’
    • ‘Because of its slow relaxation, power strokes of the enzyme were expected to appear strongly damped in recordings of the angular velocity of the filament.’