Definition of angular in US English:



  • 1(of an object, outline, or shape) having angles or sharp corners.

    ‘angular chairs’
    ‘Adam's angular black handwriting’
    • ‘The word ‘barbican’ describes a fortified outpost of gateway, and it is a good fit for the angular, sharp architecture of this London development.’
    • ‘A high-cut red dress with circular strands of wool rope, and a white knitted tube with an abrupt, angular black panel just below were two highlights from this label.’
    • ‘The odd and heavy feel of the wad of notes that his uncle had given to him was gone, but now in the money's place was a small box, soft and velvety to the touch, yet sharp and angular at the corners.’
    • ‘Everything about the tower was sharp, angular, like the harsh contortions of a concentrated face lined with spite and malice.’
    • ‘Where required, surfaces are smooth and curved rather than boxy and angular, further lending the outdoor levels an organic ambience.’
    • ‘It was a compact, efficient two-seater with high ground clearance, sharp angular lines, and impressive torque running off a fission reactor.’
    • ‘One shape should be sharp, angular and synthetic, while the other is soft, rounded and biomorphic.’
    • ‘Finally he'd chosen an angular chair, covered with ice blue leather and facing the windows.’
    • ‘At night, the Carlton Hotel, like many other art deco hotels in Miami, emphasizes its sharp, angular geometric forms with colorful neon lights.’
    • ‘Some really give us a feeling that we're looking at something Picasso himself may have created, in terms of color and angular shapes.’
    • ‘In plan, the fort was of angular shape defined by five straight stretches of boundary.’
    • ‘One technique that designers often use is a series of angular walls that allow several rooms to look out on a rear view.’
    • ‘She whipped her hair back into a tail, and put on her black angular glasses.’
    • ‘From the air the land would have looked like a jigsaw of angular green and brown shapes.’
    • ‘The door opened onto a catwalk overlooking the bay, where a sleek, angular, black ship was dominating the hangar.’
    • ‘Where the fuselage was smooth, this section was angular, like a flat topped pyramid attached to the end of the vessel.’
    • ‘Peck used locally quarried andesite, a brittle stone that fractures into sharp, angular shapes and has a sparkly surface.’
    • ‘He then went on to make paintings where the outside shapes were angular instead of more familiar squares and rectangles.’
    • ‘I don't know what I'm looking for so I just go through the pages pretty quick, and his handwriting is tiny and angular, and it all blurs together real fast.’
    • ‘The pattern is an unusual long series of odd pointed / angular shapes, some of which appear roughly symmetrical.’
    sharp-cornered, pointed, v-shaped, y-shaped
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or part of their body) lean and having a prominent bone structure.
      ‘her angular face’
      • ‘He looks up at her face, pulling back his hood to reveal a sharp angular face with flame-like red hair.’
      • ‘His cap cast a shadow over the top part of his face and accentuated the slightly angular shape of his jaws.’
      • ‘She could only make out the strong angular shape of his face.’
      • ‘In a matter of minutes the white shade went flying up to the ceiling and she could see his face, his sharp angular face.’
      • ‘Janssen, though beautiful, has no soft edges - her face is angular, her nose sharp, her amazing figure more sculpted than curved.’
      • ‘His face was sharp and angular, and turned down in a deep scowl.’
      • ‘It was of a tousle-haired blond boy, with sharp, angular features and laughing eyes.’
      • ‘Her features were beautiful sharp and angular.’
      • ‘The woman was somewhat plump with a sharp, angular face.’
      • ‘Our faces are the same shape even though her features are more rounded and mine are pronounced and sort of angular in a way I don't like but all the boys seem to.’
      • ‘She was a tall and stately woman, with angular features and sharp eyes.’
      • ‘My gaze traveled upwards, taking in a smooth, angular jaw, full lips, and brilliant emerald eyes.’
      • ‘It was a sharp, angular face with high arching eyebrows and a mop of perfectly messy red-gold hair mixed with silvery gray crowing the head.’
      • ‘With her gaze she traced his jaw, smooth and angular, edging up towards his eyes.’
      • ‘Their green faces were pinched and angular, with massive black eyes and tiny sharp teeth.’
      • ‘His face seemed to have been carved from the very stone around them, with sharp, angular features and a hawk-like nose.’
      • ‘A young man, his angular features sharp as if whittled by a knife, led the self-criticism.’
      • ‘His face was swelling, and his lip was torn, but his smooth, angular features were exquisite.’
      • ‘Even his face was angular, with small black eyes that burned with inexhaustible impatience, and full of crooks and sharp, awkward angles, from his pointy ears to his thin white mouth and his sharp, narrow chin.’
      • ‘Her face was smooth and angular with arched eyebrows, but the most beautiful and strange thing about Anna was her hair.’
      bony, raw-boned, skin-and-bones
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    2. 1.2 (of a person's way of moving) not flowing smoothly; awkward or jerky.
      ‘his movements were stiff and angular’
      figurative ‘the music is angular and sardonic’
      • ‘The cast bursts into and out of the wings with jerky, angular jumps, as if someone were pulling hard on their strings.’
      • ‘The dance consisted of jerky, angular movements which frequently gave way to Kwan's fluid ease.’
      • ‘But ever since women became interested in breakdancing, they've brought a new way of moving to it - more angular, graceful and fluid, and more feminine.’
      • ‘This ballet had no scenery, angular choreography, and the Stravinsky music, and it was jarring to me as a 12-year-old.’
      • ‘I'd imagine it would look something like the Elaine Benes full-body seizure, so jerky and angular that you can't help but cheer.’
      • ‘The red pair moves more like their rustic colleagues, with big and rather angular movements.’
  • 2Physics
    Denoting physical properties or quantities measured with reference to or by means of an angle, especially those associated with rotation.

    ‘angular acceleration’
    • ‘One can learn all sorts of interesting things about the cosmological history of our universe from the angular spectrum of the cosmic background radiation.’
    • ‘Once the poles and the angular rotations are specified, the whole motion is completely determined.’
    • ‘The gyroscopes sense angular motion by measuring the Coriolis effect induced by rotation, using a vibrating MEMS structure.’
    • ‘For highly perfect crystals, the angular range and associated wavelength range can be very small.’
    • ‘An infrared localiser measures the angular deviation between the missile and the line-of-sight.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the angular change associated with the transition from rigor to relaxation was similar for both light chains and amounted to less than 5 deg.’
    • ‘The solution for the optical lithography industry is to offset birefringence by arranging different optical components at the proper angular orientations.’
    • ‘Typically the driver turns the runners less than 5° to produce a lateral force on the front runners and an angular acceleration.’
    • ‘The x-ray photons trigger the ejection of krypton electrons with varying angular distributions of momenta modulated by the oscillating laser field.’
    • ‘The accelerometers and gyroscopes in an INS measure linear acceleration and angular orientation rates very accurately and with minimum time delay.’
    • ‘Roads should be surfaced with crushed stone that is angular, so the sharp edges of the rocks compact into each other like pieces of a puzzle, helping to create a solid top layer.’
    • ‘The oscillations of the scalar field around the flat angular direction of the scalar potential turn into longitudinal oscillations of the physical gauge field.’
    • ‘Additional accelerometers can measure the vehicle's linear accelerations and angular acceleration about the spin axis.’
    • ‘At this stage the rate of descent and particularly the angular rotation appeared to me to be very high and I was sure that ground impact in this configuration would have severe consequences.’
    • ‘The physical scalar fields that oscillate as normal modes about the potential minimum are the massless angular mode and the massive radial mode.’
    • ‘The crushing also produced a sharp sand with angular grains that made it far preferable as a bonding agent in mortar.’
    • ‘The tilt sensors were comprised of 4 levels of unidirectional fixed inclinometers, used to measure the angular displacement between the levels.’
    • ‘This ion has a single electron in its outer shell and its first excited energy level is split into a doublet as a result of interactions between the orbital and spin angular momenta of the electron.’
    • ‘The students explained that this involved use of inertial sensors to sense the aircraft acceleration and angular rates.’
    • ‘A rotary encoder is a digital input device used to measure angular rotation and direction.’
  • 3Astrology
    Located in or relating to one of the houses that begin at the four cardinal points.

    • ‘As an item of personal property, the bag is signified by the 2nd-house ruler Venus, which is angular, showing it to be nearby.’
    • ‘They all fall under the rulership of Venus, which in this chart is grounded in earth and tied into a grand trine involving angular Mars and Saturn.’
    • ‘Venus and Mercury in conjunction are making a nice sextile to the angular Jupiter as well.’
    • ‘In general, the movement of planets to angular positions in relocated charts is of greatest importance.’
    • ‘Apart from a weak planet in an angular house, the thief can also be shown by the ruler of the seventh house.’
    • ‘The ruler of the 1st house is Venus, dignified by term and in the angular 10th house.’
    • ‘Of course, other factors tie into this, such as the exalted and angular Jupiter, ruler of his ascendant.’
    • ‘Venus and Saturn would have to be considered since they are in angular houses.’
    • ‘If this is the case but there is no aspect, yet the planet to which the Moon applies is angular, the pregnancy will be successful.’
    • ‘Valens says that it is evident that the nativity is a notable one because all the triplicity rulers are in their own signs and two of them are angular.’
    • ‘Because Mercury is angular it has - as the significator of illness - the power to do damage.’
    • ‘In succedent or cadent houses, this opposition, while important, would not have taken on the same importance as when placed in angular houses.’
    • ‘Fortunately, your Venus in Capricorn is strongly angular and in the exaltation of the ruler of your midheaven, Mars.’
    • ‘Many planets of one person's chart fall into the angular houses of the other's natal chart.’
    • ‘Three quarters of the charts had at least one angular planet, half had two or more and a quarter had three or more.’
    • ‘However, Saturn is receiving a trine from an angular Moon which is placed in the terms of Mercury.’
    • ‘With his angular Mars, 8th house Moon and Scorpio Sun, George S. Patton was born to take no prisoners.’
    • ‘However, the Moon is angular and its forthcoming sextile to Mars offers a stronger argument that the father can find a will to resist disease.’
    • ‘Mercury, triplicity ruler of the lights and ascendant, is angular and almuten.’
    • ‘Those planets that are highlighted by having many aspects, hard aspects, in angular houses or outer planet conjunctions are good indicators of conflict.’


Late Middle English (as an astrological term): from Latin angularis, from angulus (see angle).