Definition of Angostura bitters in US English:

Angostura bitters

plural noun

  • A kind of tonic first made in Angostura.

    • ‘I hand-pressed one-eighth of an orange and added Angostura bitters and egg white.’
    • ‘Two warm-weather favorites are the Key Lime Rickey (key lime vodka, a dash of Angostura bitters, topped off with ginger ale) and the Napa Valley Iced Tea (Meyer lemon vodka, a tiny splash of Chambord and iced tea).’
    • ‘The drink combines Plymouth gin, sweet vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters with hot orange and cranberry juices topped with grated nutmeg.’
    • ‘Bayless, for example, likes to mix a single-village mezcal from Oaxaca, such as Chichicapa with lime juice, a splash of brandy and dash of Angostura bitters.’
    • ‘Add the pre-soaked gelatin leaves and Angostura bitters to about 1.5 pints of the beetroot stock and leave to cool.’


Angostura bitters

/ˌaNGɡəˌst(y)o͝orə ˈbidərz//ˌæŋɡəˌst(j)ʊrə ˈbɪdərz/