Definition of Anglicanism in US English:



  • The faith and practices of the Anglican Christian Churches.

    • ‘The future of Anglicanism may depend upon the American Episcopal Church's ability to find a way out of its terrible constraints.’
    • ‘The influence of the Dissenting churches, and the spiritual revival of Methodism, gradually led Welsh society away from Anglicanism.’
    • ‘Anglicanism still claims 70 percent of the population, most of whom are nominal members.’
    • ‘The reshaping of contemporary Anglicanism can be understood in ways that reflect the most important features of historic Anglicanism.’
    • ‘She discusses the challenges of creating an American version of Anglicanism at the end of the Revolutionary War.’
    • ‘It was the length of her reign that secured Anglicanism and established it as Protestant.’
    • ‘Cromwell's failure to regulate schoolmasters and tutors was a principal reason why Anglicanism had thrived in the 1650s.’
    • ‘Anglicanism is, theologically, the eccentric cousin in the family of Western Christianity.’
    • ‘The Episcopalian Church is essentially the American branch of Anglicanism.’
    • ‘The retention and celebration of corporate daily prayer has been one of the hallmarks of Anglicanism.’