Definition of angle of refraction in US English:

angle of refraction


  • The angle made by a refracted ray with a perpendicular to the refracting surface.

    • ‘Lenses work by REFRACTION, not reflection, and the angle of refraction is based on the difference between the speed of light in the lens compared to the surrounding medium.’
    • ‘It was done in silhouette behind a white screen, and the angles of refraction made it look as though Fafner really was a giant in relation to Siegfried.’
    • ‘This contains some remarkable experiments, including some to determine the angles of refraction between various media.’
    • ‘The trace causes meaning to shift with each shift in angle of refraction brought about by time or change of mood or understanding.’
    • ‘The optical path difference is directly proportional to the cosine of the angle of refraction through the coating.’