Definition of angle iron in US English:

angle iron


  • 1A construction material consisting of pieces of steel with an L-shaped cross-section, able to be bolted together.

    • ‘I added a piece of 2-inch angle iron to the hydraulic cylinder that operates the spout.’
    • ‘Put galvanized steel on the top part of the styrofoam-plywood pieces and angle iron on the vertical edges.’
    • ‘Some of the signs of a lower-quality trailer are smaller channel, angle iron, pine floors, and floors screwed rather than bolted.’
    • ‘I used 4-inch angle iron to make a 30-inch adapter between the regular carrier and the three-point hitch.’
    • ‘A tower of plain oak chairs reaches for the ceiling like a rickety ladder to gallery heaven, supported at a juncture of the extended metal cabin and the greenhouse of the pickup's bed by an armature of rusted angle iron.’
    • ‘Workers again placed concrete mud beds on the subgrade under the drains and attached angle iron to them with concrete anchors.’
    • ‘I welded steel and angle iron to the bucket to reinforce the grapple fork control and hoses were moved to the front where they are accessible to the operator.’
    1. 1.1 A piece of angle iron.
      • ‘The bricks may be laid flat or on end, and to keep them from spreading, drive an angle iron against the corners.’
      • ‘The examiner suggested to Mr. Mitchell that no-one from Emmons & Mitchell or Abe Dick had gone to the owners or to Mr. Garbutt to ask permission to remove the angle irons, to which Mr. Mitchell responded that there was nothing in writing.’
      • ‘Alternating T-beams and angle irons, he spliced and overlapped their junctures, tying them together with chicken wire that he then tightly wrapped with wire mesh.’
      • ‘Secure angle irons on the inside of the cornice top, near the ends, and at 45 ‘intervals or less.’’
      • ‘As shown in the photo, vertical form panels secured to the angle iron formed the walls of the drain, but the drain floors were left open.’


angle iron

/ˈaNGɡəl ˈī(ə)rn/