Definition of angelical in US English:



  • See angelic

    • ‘This, too, goes beyond my experience and my understanding of the ontological scale as consisting essentially of mineral, plant, animal, human, angelical, and divine.’
    • ‘Precisely because women were considered more likely to succumb to Satan's temptations, they were thought less likely to be the direct or particular beneficiaries of angelical apparitions.’
    • ‘He said, ‘That may well be; for their look is angelical, and also it is fit that they should be joint-heirs with the angels in heaven.’’
    • ‘The demon's eyes seemed to narrow intensely as they fixated their dark depths on the shimmering, angelical woman kneeling in the shallow water of the pond.’
    • ‘Borges rejects ‘words that postulate intuitive or angelical insights’, while, for his part, Proust ‘elevates his lack of knowledge to the level of universal truth and imposes it by maxim’.’