Definition of angel hair in US English:

angel hair

(also angel's hair)


  • A type of pasta consisting of very fine long strands.

    • ‘They both knew how to cook, courtesy of their parents teaching them at a young age, and they pulled together chicken piccata, angel hair pasta, and boiled carrots.’
    • ‘Today was spent doing stuff around the house like laundry and getting lunches ready for the week (garlic lemon chicken, angel hair pasta, carrots, green salad and fruit).’
    • ‘We were sitting in Caffe Grazie, a restaurant where Ross dines so regularly that the establishment has on its electronic till a key for her preferred angel hair pasta dish.’
    • ‘You may vary the sauce as you wish, from tomato to cream, adding mushrooms or black olives or spinach; or you may mix the sauce with different types of noodles, like spaghetti or angel hair or vermicelli.’
    • ‘Try angel hair pasta with olive oil and crushed garlic, along with fresh green beans, lightly steamed and without butter.’


angel hair

/ˈeɪndʒəl hɛ(ə)r/