Definition of anew in US English:



  • 1In a new or different and typically more positive way.

    ‘her career had begun anew, with a lucrative Japanese modeling contract’
    • ‘May the year 2004 provide each of you with time to recover and the courage to begin anew in the coming year.’
    • ‘I looked upon my life as a story book; once a chapter was over, I flipped the page and began anew.’
    • ‘That day, on which his life began anew, is still fresh in the mind of Colin Warner, 42.’
    • ‘I am blessed when a night ending in argument is followed by a day begun anew with a kiss.’
    • ‘When the project was initiated in 1998, 23 smugglers came forward to begin life anew.’
    • ‘This is too long a gap for collective expertise to be retained because staff have moved on, so the learning has to begin anew with every turn at the presidency.’
    • ‘I could have easily exchanged my name permanently for a Hindu one and begun life anew in Calcutta.’
    • ‘A chance to see new things, to begin anew, to find her place in the world… surely that wouldn't be so bad?’
    • ‘I was finally, mercifully, closing the door to my religious past and beginning life anew.’
    • ‘Who can blame them when they've chosen to begin anew somewhere so beautiful?’
    • ‘You too will begin to appreciate anew the simple ordinary weekendy things.’
    • ‘The harvest and holiday season affords us all another opportunity to begin anew.’
    • ‘However, his genius was so great that other than French people forgot his dishonesty and he began life anew in his native place.’
    • ‘There is also need to help them begin investing in housing anew as it is a very reliable source of income.’
    • ‘You have only to see things once more in the light of your first and earlier vision, and life begins anew.’
    • ‘Chasseriau studies begin anew with the current exhibition and its catalogue.’
    • ‘With this single effort Stern wipes his slate clean and begins anew at zero.’
    • ‘We must rip the fabric of our society from corner to corner and begin anew.’
    • ‘The seemingly harmonious life of the family is shattered and the two women decide to go away to a distant place and begin life anew on their own.’
    • ‘Rose has decided that she will have her child adopted and begin her life anew.’
    1. 1.1 Once more; again.
      ‘tears filled her eyes anew’
      • ‘At that moment, the music stopped and began anew just as quickly; a waltzing minuet.’
      • ‘The crowd dispersed, the couple forming once again, and the dances began anew.’
      • ‘After several months, the ones that survive the hazards at sea seek out a new stream and begin the cycle anew.’
      • ‘They were watching the TV news as the canal levee was breached again, flooding their neighbourhood anew.’
      • ‘The quest for a decent cup of coffee in Nottingham city centre begins anew tomorrow, then.’
      • ‘She got to the last row, one overlooking the beach and began anew, staring at the names.’
      • ‘Parts are shipped back, a new die is produced, and then the sequence begins anew.’
      • ‘He has since refiled that suit on behalf of other parents and the whole process has begun anew.’
      • ‘The soldier's eyes narrowed with rage, and he leapt at Derryn to begin the fight anew.’
      • ‘This, of course, makes the other side hopping mad, and the entire cycle begins anew.’
      • ‘She threw her arms around her old friend, making his glasses crooked, and began crying anew.’
      • ‘The wind stopped and the falling rain ceased, clouds slowly began to form anew.’
      • ‘She blinks a few times, shakes her head to get the hair out of her eyes, and begins her stare anew.’
      • ‘We wondered what would happen if a female lost her eggs or nestlings to predators and began the nesting cycle anew.’
      • ‘Now, with the sequel nearing completion, you might expect that the debate will begin anew.’
      • ‘In 1648, Civil War broke out anew, and the King was often in Kingston.’
      • ‘As his footsteps retreated down the hallway, I fell to the floor and began to sob anew.’
      • ‘He began his march to the exit anew but halted once more, turning his head back to face her again.’
      • ‘The greenback is seen anew as the global safe-haven currency with the deepest and most liquid financial markets.’
      • ‘The vicious cycle will begin anew, putting the Mets in an even deeper hole.’
      again, once more, once again, a second time, afresh, over again
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