Definition of aneuploid in US English:



  • Having particular genes or chromosomal regions present in extra or fewer copies than in the normal type.

    • ‘All women are also offered an ultrasound scan for anomalies at 19 weeks' gestation, and invasive testing is offered in selected cases where structural anomalies are seen that suggest the fetus is aneuploid.’
    • ‘Fig 5 shows euploid and aneuploid colonies formed after the shift-down experiment.’
    • ‘DNA ploidy analysis on Feulgenstained sections indicated that the large cell region was composed of predominantly tetraploid and aneuploid cells.’
    • ‘First, of the population of tetraploid cells that enter stationary phase, both euploid and aneuploid members can be rescued by starvation in water.’
    • ‘Almost 50% of spontaneous abortions are aneuploid or polyploid and the incidence of numerical aberrations in live-born young is ~ 5/1000 births.’
    • ‘Ploidy analysis shows that the keratinocytes in the large cell acanthoma are frequently aneuploid.’
    • ‘Patients with aneuploid tumors have a poorer five-year survival rate than patients with diploid tumors.’
    • ‘When colonies are formed, the resulting cells tend to have euploid genomes derived from the aneuploid state by chromosome loss.’
    • ‘The percentages of aneuploid bone marrow leukocytes were higher than those of aneuploid sperm for the two upper THH dose groups and for the positive control group.’
    • ‘Ten of 18 diploid neoplasms were associated with an adverse event, and 2 of 9 aneuploid neoplasms were associated with an adverse event.’