Definition of anesthetization in US English:


(British anaesthetization, anaesthetisation)


  • See anesthetize

    • ‘The father's sleep is suspiciously profound, more suggestive of anesthetization or coma than restorative repose.’
    • ‘You may be particularly vulnerable to anesthetization at the moment.’
    • ‘In a few hours, his new assistant from the university, whom he had recruited to handle the monkey anesthetization as well as any lifting or dragging, would be coming by to go over the checklist.’
    • ‘After anesthetization with 2-5% isofluorane, the sterilized anchor was inserted through the skin at the intersection of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, dorsally between the shoulder blades.’
    • ‘A 12-year-old boy said, ‘I am frightened by the chances of being paralyzed by the anesthetization, or not waking up from it at all.’’