Definition of anele in US English:



[with object]archaic
  • Anoint (someone), especially as part of the Christian rite of giving extreme unction to the dying.

    • ‘As Greenblatt observes, ‘Purgatory, along with theological language of communion, deathbed confession, and anointing (aneling), while compatible with a Christian (and, specifically, a Catholic) call for remembrance, is utterly incompatible with a Senecan call for vengeance’.’
    • ‘And so soon after that she was aneled she departed and yielded up her spirit into the hands of our Lord.’
    • ‘D. West exhorted her to receuye their sacrament, and to be aneled, for he said, she was stronge enough for it. & c. Vnto whom she aunswered, that she was able and stronge enough to receyue it in dede, but she would not, for that it is abhominable. & c.’
    • ‘So when he was houseled and aneled, and had all that a Christian man ought to have, he prayed the hermit that his fellows might bear his body to Joyous Garde.’
    smear with oil, rub with oil, apply oil to, spread oil over
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Middle English: from an- ‘on’ + archaic elien ‘to oil’ (from Old English ele, from Latin oleum ‘oil’).