Definition of androcentric in US English:



  • Focused or centered on men.

    ‘I would like to consider the dominant role of men in an androcentric, patriarchal society’
    • ‘They strongly identify with a fundamentally androcentric religion.’
    • ‘Wanting to downplay the expert/subject imbalance I had to avoid the traditional androcentric scientific research methodologies where the researcher examines the subject.’
    • ‘That the ideal in scientific inquiry would posit the existence of a disinterested, detached, neutral observer is itself reflective of the androcentric nature of knowledge creation.’
    • ‘This was a woman-centred psychology, whose aim was to redress the theoretical and empirical inadequacies of an androcentric discipline.’
    • ‘Most forceful among these voices were those of African women, who declared that the Pan-Africanism of the formal leadership was androcentric and patriarchal.’
    • ‘This leads me to understand rabbinic texts not as patriarchal but as androcentric.’
    • ‘The roots of this tradition lie with the western, heterosexual androcentric values of the 19th century prescriptive grammar movement.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the convention's minutes were generally androcentric, which means that the participation of the woman is reported in relation to her husband.’
    • ‘Furthermore, Keller challenges exclusively Western, androcentric interpretations of agency and subjectivity, offering alternative concepts such as communal identity and nonvoluntary agency.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I am reminded of a remark that if science is androcentric, then this is the best endorsement for androcentrism that one can find.’
    • ‘But most of the literature on globalization continues to be androcentric, ignoring the centrality of women to the economic restructuring of the years since the mid-1970s.’
    • ‘From its purely androcentric and heterosexual viewpoint, however, Lacan's theory neglects to account for the experience of women or of homosexual men.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, women noticed the prevalence of men as teachers and other Buddhist authorities, and the androcentric (male-centered) language of most liturgies.’
    • ‘Rather than offering a comprehensive account of objectivity, some feminists have offered methodological guidelines for avoiding the sexist and androcentric errors and biases that feminists have identified in mainstream science.’
    • ‘Exchange theory, which focuses on rational self-interest as the basis for relatedness, has been particularly criticized by feminist writers as androcentric.’
    • ‘Afrocentrism, with its all-too-common androcentric bias, still has far to go to overcome its seemingly inherent myopia regarding the thought of black women.’
    • ‘These are beyond the scope of this paper, but the key point here is that the conduct of gender comparison research necessitates constant vigilance given ‘the implacable fact of an androcentric cultural context’.’
    • ‘But it cannot be ruled out that as a consequence of the patriarchal and androcentric perspective, it was a matter of debate whether the image of God applies to women in a way identical with its application to men.’
    • ‘Now some German feminists are suggesting that frau should replace the indefinite man, which is an androcentric generic when used in contexts such as man soll das nicht machen ‘one shouldn't do that’.’
    • ‘At this point, I would like to consider the dominant role of men in an androcentric, patriarchal society.’